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Compumatic XL1000E self-totaling time clock
XL1000E 100 employee clock

Compumatic XL1000 self totaling time clock package. Includes clock, 2 year guarantee, 100 free cards, unlimited tech support. 100 employee capacity. Can ring bells!

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Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 10 Time Clock Ribbon, 2-PackCartridge ribbon$24.00
Click 499 Compumatic XL1000 - 1000 time cardsXL10 Box of 1000$69.00
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 Slot Expandable Card Rack$31.00
Click 505 Compumatic signaling upgradeWorkshift timer module$50.00
Click 84 Custom Power SupplyWork Shift Timer Power Supply$65.00
Click 407 25' Bell and Buzzer Wire25' Bell and Buzzer Wire$19.95
Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$34.95
Click 405 100' Bell and Buzzer Wire100' Bell and Buzzer Wire$44.95
Click 413 250' Bell and Buzzer Wire250' Bell and Buzzer Wire$94.95
Click 88 6" 120V Bell6" 120V Shop Bell 102db$89.00
Click 86 4" 120V Buzzer4" 120V Indoor Buzzer 102dB$139.00


Compumatic XL1000e self totaling time clock

New, Larger Print than the previous XL1000

  • Self-totaling, and also non-totaling - you select what you need.
  • 100 employee capacity
  • One IN and One OUT Punch Revision Zone
    - stops people from punching IN early, or OUT late. 
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction feature
  • Calculates in either hours and minutes (3:45) or military and 100th's (15.75)
  • Pay to the minute, or round to the nearest 15 ("Quarter Hour Rounding")
  • Prints day of week, or date
  • Totaling can be turned off!
    -it can be set just to register the IN and OUT punches
  • One Year Guarantee, Lifetime Technical Support
  • Works fine with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Programmable Max Hours - after xx (like 14, then the next punch would automatically be IN)
  • Optional:  Signal relay board - ring bells, horns, buzzers
  • Optional:  Full power reserve - run the clock for hours during power outages
  • The XL1000e can be used as a fully automatic consecutive print time clock, replacing "clipper" type clocks, including the Amano CP3000 and CP5000
  •    In Non-Totaling mode, the machine prints one entry per line.
  •    One other note:
       This machine can print totals in standard hours and minutes
       or hours and 100th's. 
       It only prints IN and OUT times in the standard time format (1:15 and not 13.25)

Signaling Module rings bells at scheduled times

You will need item 505 from the above list.
Then select if you want the high voltage AC system, or low voltage DC

With High Voltage, they are louder and may need conduit in your state to pass fire code
Low Voltage does not require conduit anywhere. Open wire. Use only 24VDC low voltage bells.