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Computime101 Software
Basic Computime Software

50 employee time and attendance software for HandPunch and Compumatic time clock systems.

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Click 531 CompuTime101 > 100CompuTime 100 employee upgrade$100.00
Click 507 CompuTime101 ProCompuTime101 Pro software, a major enhancement$99.00
Click 502 CompuTime101 Multi-PC LicenseCompuTime101 Multi-PC network Upgrade$150.00
Click 532 CompuTime 250 employee LicenseCompuTime 100 to 250 employees$125.00
Click 533 CompuTime Unlimited EmployeesCompuTime Unlimited employees$425.00
Click 508 CompuTime101 Code CollectionCompuTime101 Code Collection$75.00
Click 506 Compumatic Technical SupportCompumatic Techical Support$129.00
Click 510 Compumatic HandPunch Communication ModuleCompumatic HandPunch Communication Module$149.00


CompuTime101 software

  • This is the basic software for most CompuTime systems
  • 50 employees, expandable to unlimited employees
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthy pay periods
  • Pay to the minute, or 15 minute rounding
  • Reports by employee name or employee number
  • Department reports
  • Overtime reports, and more
  • Upgrade to 100 then 500 employees
  • Includes 90 days USA Technical Support

Includes HandPunch communication license when purchased with a HandPunch 1000, HandPunch 1000E, HandPunch 2000 and HandPunch 2000E.  Otherwise, it is an option if replacing an existing software by another manufacturer.  +$150.