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Amano CP3000, CP5000, NS5100 Ribbon
Amano NS5100 Ribbon

Amano CP3000 and NS5100 all-black ribbon. Cartridge with ink reservoir. 4x the capacity of the PIX ribbon.

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Click 108 Amano CP3000 & CP5000 1-sided time card1-sided time card Amano CP$38.00
Click 445 Amano CP3000 Full Power BatteryAmano CP3000 Full Power Battery$39.00
Click 101 Amano CP3000-5000 two sided time cardC3000-2$44.00


NS5100 time clock ribbon

The NS5100 is used for thousands of registrations per week. 
Ink color:  Black.  This is the only ribbon that will work with the Amano CP3000 clock.
The standard PIX ribbon is not designed for that much use, at those speeds.

The ribbon is all BLACK.  One color.  This is for a CP5000 which has two color printing. Same cartridge.


There are differences in the wearability of the plastic bearings, and also, the most obvious difference:
4x the lifespan of the ink supply.
Another difference is that the ink is different.  A PIX ribbon's ink will not be recognized by a CP3000.

The NS5100 - CP3000 ink ribbons have an ink resevoir.  This is a raised area in the cartridge.