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Facial Recognition System
Compumatic CFR-20/20

Fast Facial Recognition System for 25 employees, expandable. Includes CT101 Windows software, hardware, technical support. Free Shipping USA-48 States, Washington DC and PR.

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Click 537 CompuTime PC PunchPC Punch App$99.00
Click 529 CompuTime 50 employee licenseCT101-50u$50.00
Click 530 CompuTime 100 employee licenseCT101-100u$150.00
Click 531 CompuTime 250 employee upgradeCT101-250u$295.00
Click 532 CompuTime Unlimited LicenseCT101-UNL$450.00
Click 507 CompuTime101-ProCT101 Pro software, a major enhancement$109.00
Click 502 CompuTime101-MPCCompuTime101 Multi-PC Upgrade$150.00
Click 506 CompuTime Technical SupportCompuTime Technical Support$149.00


Compumatic CFR-20/20 Face Reader Time and Attendance System

  • 25 employee capacity, fully upgradable to 250 and beyond
  • Supports all common payperiods
  • Includes Departments, Daily and weekly OT calculation, rounding, etc.
  • Automatically updates your records, includes Automatic Daily Backup
  • Allows you to correct punches - missed punches, incorrect punches, etc.
  • Set up automatic lunch deduction by Department, as needed (Ex: Delivery drivers)
  • Networkable-run more than one clock on the system
  • Reports include individual time card, department hours, report by clock site, etc.
  • USB Flash-Drive upgrade available ("sneakernet" where you do not have a network)
  • Color-coded reports for easy on the eyes viewing
  • See the options above, for more of what is possible!

Compumatic CFR20/20

  • Includes:
    • CFR-20/20 facial recognition terminal
    • CompuTime101 software, 25 employees, upgradeable
    • 5' Ethernet cable
    • CFR wall mount with hardware
    • Instruction manual (quick-start and comprehensive) on CD
    • AC power supply
    • 90 days toll-free USA technical support
  • Payroll Exports:
    • Quickbooks Pro,    Premier,   Enterprise
    • Paychex,   ADP,   ASCII,    Excel,    .CVS
    • Other exports become available as they are developed, call us.
    • Compumatic is constantly expanding their custom exports list.