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Compumatic XLS21
Compumatic XLS21

Compumatic XLS21 PIN and Badge 25 employee time clock system. Network, USB cable, and portable thumb drive. Windows 7 - 10 ready. Departments and more. USA designed and supported.

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Click 530 CompuTime 50 employee licenseCompuTime 25 to 50 employees$50.00
Click 529 CompuTime 100 employee licenseCompuTime 50 to 100 employees$100.00
Click 532 CompuTime 250 employee LicenseCompuTime 100 to 250 employees$125.00
Click 533 CompuTime Unlimited EmployeesCompuTime Unlimited employees$425.00
Click 507 CompuTime101 ProCompuTime101 Pro software, a major enhancement$99.00
Click 502 CompuTime101 Multi-PC LicenseCompuTime101 Multi-PC network Upgrade$150.00
Click 506 Compumatic Technical SupportCompumatic Techical Support$129.00
Click 534 Compumatic USB Storage Drive and CableCompumatic USB Storage Drive and Cable$29.95


Compumatic XLS21 Time and Attendance System

  • 25 employee capacity, upgrade to 50, 100, 250, unlimited
  • Employees carry unique RFID badges, wave them in front of the clock terminal or press unique PIN numbers
  • Supports all common pay periods
  • Loaded with extras:
        Departments, Daily and weekly OT calculation, rounding, etc.
  • Automatically updates your records
  • Automatically creates backups
  • Allows you to correct punches - missed punches, incorrect punches, etc.
  • Set up automatic lunch deduction by Department, as needed (Example: Delivery Drivers)
  • USB cable, and Networkable - run more than one clock on the system
  • USB Flash-Drive upgrade available ("sneakernet" where you do not have a network, or off-site.
  • Reports include individual time card, department hours, report by clock site, etc.
  • Color-coded reports for easy on the eyes viewing
  • See the options above, for more of what is possible!