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Compumatic MB1000 V2 Facial Recognition
MB1000 V2 with Ethernet and WiFi

25 employees, expands to 1,000 Look-and-go. Details below.

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MB1000 V2

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Click 537 CompuTime PC PunchPC Punch App$99.00
Click 448 CompuTime KeyfobsRFID Keyfob, Q: 10$30.00
Click 490 CompuTime RFID BadgesRFID Badge, Q: 10$25.00
Click 530 CompuTime 100 employee licenseCT101-100u$150.00
Click 531 CompuTime 250 employee upgradeCT101-250u$295.00
Click 532 CompuTime Unlimited LicenseCT101-UNL$450.00
Click 507 CompuTime101-ProCT101 Pro software, a major enhancement$109.00
Click 502 CompuTime101-MPCCompuTime101 Multi-PC Upgrade$150.00
Click 510 CompuTime Hand Punch Communication ModuleCompuTime Hand Punch Communication Module$149.00
Click 534 USB Storage Drive and CableUSB Storage Drive and Cable$19.95
Click 506 CompuTime Technical SupportCompuTime Technical Support$149.00


Compumatic MB1000 dual-camera facial recognition time and attendance system

  • Look-and-go technology
    - Stop, turn, look, you are done
  • Unlimited "punches" per employee
  • Runs on your network, back to your computer
  • Use more than one clock - punch in on one, out on another
  • LED camera, can be used in areas with very low ambient lighting
    - such as offices, clubs, warehouses, etc.
  • 50 employee initial capacity, upgrades to 100, 250, and unlimited
  • Single-computer license, can be upgraded to multi-pc
    - with scalable administrator authorities

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Compumatic MB1000 software details

  • Supports all pay cycles, including:
    - Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (1/15, 5/20, etc) and Monthly
  • Two levels of overtime - 40 (or 44) hrs/week, and 8 hrs/daily
    - Upgradeable to 4 levels of OT (2 weekly, 2 daily), consecutive day, 7th day
  • Includes Departments - Examples:
    Production, Office, Delivery, Housekeeping, Hygenist, Front Desk
  • Track up to three accruals - examples:
    - Vacation, Personal Time Off, Sick
  • Automatic lunch deduction by department
  • Reports by individual clock location - example: multiple offices on a network
  • Payroll Exports:
    • ADP
    • Excel
    • Paychex
    • Quickbooks Pro
    • Quickbooks Enterprise

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Compumatic Factory Brochure

2MB Zip File of reports

  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Disk Space:  250MB
  • Dual HD cameras read your face from two angles
    - Eliminates the possiblity of using an iPhone-type fake picture
  • The MB1000 accomodates PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition


Compumatic MB1000 Facial Recognition System

Download the Demo Software (click on this line)

Size:  7.5"T  x  7"W  x  2"Deep
Weight:  2 lbs installed to wall