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Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100
Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100

Major upgrade that adds the Custom Report Writer, Accruals, Employee Messaging*, Customizable Manager Rights, and much more.

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TimeVue Full

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Click 238 Icon Auto Poll ModuleUpdates Punches/Reports For You$125.00
Click 120 Icon Multi PC license for 5 computersIcon TimeVue 5 PC license$295.00


TimeVueFull 100 employee software
You must have either TimeVueLite50 or 100 software to get this upgrade

  • Enhanced report generator breaks down the information in many useful ways
    See separate reports on employees -  full, part time, temp, by department, 
     manager, group, etc. 
  • 4 levels of overtime, two daily, and two weekly
  • Unique passwords and scalable authorities for up to 99 managers
     - this works G-R-E-A-T with the multi-PC upgrade
  • Selectable custom add-hours assignable to everyone, any department, or individual
  • Adds employee record section (internal notepad), three levels of accruals, *even
    custom employee messages when they punch In or Out (data terminals only)
  • Confidential internal notepad for each employee, to keep records of punch changes, accreditations, accomplishments, contests, birth dates, and other notes